Alice Parker and Melodious Accord

                                   Alice Parker

Alice Parker received professional training successively as a composer, conductor and teacher.  Her work is founded on the interaction of these fields, and their extension into writing, theorizing and mentoring.  It is founded upon the conviction that music is first and foremost sound, and that a paper diagram is a very imperfect medium for its transmission.

Vocal sound comes from human throats, and is infinitely variable.  An inner vision of those sounds is necessary before one can evoke them through composing or performance.  She knows that wonderfully musical sounds can come from amateur as well as professional singers, from children as well as adults, and from churches, schools and family groups.

Her over fifty years' experience in teaching has given her the ability to express her ideas in clear and memorable language.  Her love of poetry and of the lyric line in both words and songs undergirds her understanding.  She has identified techniques which work for composers, performers and teachers, and inspires any group which works with her into wonderfully musical, expressive and communicative singer.

As Artistic Director of Melodious Accord, Alice Parker’s artistic vision and leadership is at the foundation of the organization’s activities.  Below is a brief statement of that vision.


 “I believe that melody is the foundation of human music-
making, and that song issuing from one human throat is the
essential first-step to a musical life.  I am fascinated with the
combination of words and music, thus I have concentrated
on choral and vocal works, using the very best texts that I
can find.  Chamber music involving small groups of voices
and instruments is a favorite medium.


I am a devotee of folk songs from many cultures, as well as
the rediscovery of Christian hymns from many centuries. 
Melodies which last teach me about the nature of melody
itself, and I never tire of composing,arranging, conducting
and teaching from these ever-flowing sources.”