Melodious Accord Seminars


Melodious Accord offers a new opportunity for individual or small group study with Alice Parker. Since the popular Melody and Composer Fellowship Programs will no longer be offered, these Seminars will provide a shorter, more flexible alternative for study with Ms. Parker..

To set up a Seminar, the applicant discusses with Ms. Parker a possible date for 2-4 days of study, and the preferred focus: composition, conducting, score study, song leading, church music, teaching, or a special interest of applicant.  When the date is set, the applicant or Ms. Parker may add no more than three students to that Seminar, so that the class is never more than four.

Seminars will meet for three hours daily at Ms. Parker's home in Hawley, Massachusetts or, if previously arranged, at a location mutually agreed upon by the participants.  Fees for 2017 are $200 per person per day.  Limited scholarship support is available. Housing and meals are not included. In Hawley nearby housing is available  For further information, please contact Kay Holt at


2017 Seminar application form