Score Study Application Form

Melodious Accord Fellowship Programs

SCORE STUDY in New York City

January 15 - January 17, 2018 Application Form

If you are interested in the Score Study program, please send us the materials listed below in support of your application. You may complete this application in any of the following ways:

  • Complete the form on line and attach PDF files or other documents.
  • Complete the form on line and mail supplementary materials to the address below.
  • Print the form and mail all materials to the address below.

Note: Participants are responsible for making their own housing arrangements.

All materials being mailed should be sent to:

Melodious Accord, Inc.
96 Middle Road
Hawley, MA 01339

For additional information, contact Kay Holt at

1) Updated vita 2) A statement describing what draws you to this program 3) A non-refundable Application Fee of $20.00 made payable to Melodious Accord, Inc. should be sent to the address below. Items 1 and 2 may be entered in the following field. Also use this field to list items you will be sending by mail.
You may upload files to be attached here.