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Present Alice Parker In Concerts

     Alice Parker travels widely presenting programs in collaboration with choruses, churches, schools, colleges, and community groups in which she conducts concerts of her works, and/or leads SINGS.

Present Alice Parker in SINGS
Sing with Alice Parker is an invitation to amateur singers of all levels to join in an afternoon or evening of singing together and awaken to the richness of sound derived from improvisations of these familiar melodies.

Present Alice Parker as a master teacher at Workshops in this country and abroad.

     Melodious Accord Workshops are held in churches, schools, and colleges across the United States and Canada.  Led by Alice Parker, they may focus on American hymnody, folksongs, improvisation, score study, or other topics of particular interest to the host organization.  Whatever the topic, singing will be at the heart of the workshop.

Present Alice Parker in Programs at her home in Hawley, Massachusetts and in New York City.

     Advanced study with Alice Parker is available through the following Programs.  Since 1989 Ms. Parker has offered the opportunity for mid-career composers, teachers, church musicians and conductors to study in small groups with her at her studio and in New York City.  Melodious Accord Seminars offer groups of 1-4 people the opportunity to study with Alice Parker for periods of 2-4 days at her studio in Hawley, MA.  Topics of the Seminars are mutually agreed upon by Ms. Parker and the participants.  Score Study in New York is an opportunity for choral musicians to spend three days of intensive score study of choral music of many styles, making the page come to life.

Present the professional chamber chorus, The Musicians of Melodious Accord in recordings.

     The Musicians of Melodious Accord, a chamber choir of  sixteen professional musicians, is the voice of Melodious Accord. Under the direction of Alice Parker they present her music through the Alice Parker Recording Project, committed to documenting and preserving her work.

Publish a Quarterly Newsletter containing lively editorials by Alice Parker and comments on the current activities of the organization.

     The Newsletter reaches over 4,000 song-lovers in the United States, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas amongst people of widely-varying backgrounds.  The Newsletter is available by Email and  posted here on our website .

Provide the "Melodious Accord Store," a convenient way of obraining Alice Parker materials unavailable elsewhere.

      Recordings by The Musicians of Melodious Accord, books by Alice Parker, videos illustrating her teaching methods, compositions lists, and other resources may be purchased from the on-line or by mail order.

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