Alice Parker Workshops


Alice Parker travels around the United States and Canada offering workshops to church, school, college, and community groups and choruses.  The topics range broadly and are adapted to the particular group.  Possible workshop topics are listed below.  If your group wishes to host an Alice Parker workshop, please contact her directly at: for further information and open dates.

If you are interested in attending a workshop, please refer to Alice Parker's schedule of appearances and contact the host organization for further details.


The Composer’s View

            Looking at compositions and arrangements from the writer’s viewpoint

            Score study, analysis and performance practice

Arranging Techniques

            How to bring the tune and the choir together

            Melodic analysis: elements, structure, affect

Finding the Song in the Poem

            Reading a poem for the musical elements

            Effective text-setting

Exploring the Hymnal

            Using history and geography as tools for determining style

            Studying and teaching by rote

            Involving the congregation

Choral Improvisation

            Exploring sacred and/or secular tunes

            What makes the song memorable?

            How can we enhance it?

Rehearsal Technique

            Learning choral music from sound and symbol

            Setting objectives, and how to reach them

Reading Session

            Singing selected compositions and arrangements

            with commentary and performance suggestions

Accompanying Hymns

            A hands-on workshop at the organ

            Discovering how articulation influences singing